Download Free Plans – Drill Press Table for Woodworking

Drill Press Table for Woodworking


This set of plans is intended to help the amateur woodworker build a worktable for his drill press.

Third Iteration

There are many drill press tables available on the market, and also many other designs available to help you make your own.

We like this design. It is our third design, built over the years, and we have been able to make several improvements over the earlier efforts.

This design has more t-slots than our previous ones, and we have gone from aluminum t-slots to routed ones. Also, the fence is more rigid than in our previous designs. The center expendable squares have been made full depth to avoid having to route a shelf in the center cutout.

You can download free CAD drawings and construction notes at the link below.

Drill Press Table


Most drill presses are outfitted by the manufacturer with a work table that appears designed for metal working.

The design presented here is intended for woodworking, where the requirements are often different than for metal working.

By comparison, it provides:

A larger workspace

A fence with provisions for clamping it to the worktable

Arrangements for stop-blocks on the deck and fence to locate and hold the work in position

Arrangements for clamping the work to the table

An oil-free workplace

An expendable insert to avoid tearout on the lower side of the hole

A larger center hole for the use of sanding drums

A method of attaching a dust collection nozzle to the table

The design assumes a drill press with a 14″ swing (i.e., 7″ from the centerline of the spindle to the support column). It can be modified for other drill press swings by changing the depth of, or eliminating, the rear cutout.


We have used an aluminum t-track extrusion for the fence. It is more rigid than our previous fences and can be mounted flat if needed to provide chuck clearance when using short bits near the fence. Its improved rigidity allows us to provide more clearance for the table-raising crank handle.

A lower cost fence can be made from MDF, probably using nothing more than scrap material left over from making the deck. We have included a design for such a fence in the drawings.

Usage Notes

A conventional drill press vise can be used on the deck if desired. These are particularly useful for drilling in small parts that would otherwise be difficult clamp and dangerous to hold.

Also, the many t-slots in the deck and fence can be used for attaching a dust collection nozzle. We have provided a design for an attachment bracket.

Recommended Tools

We recommend that the following tools should be available when undertaking this project.

Drill Press

Table Saw

Router Table and Router

Jig Saw

Miter Saw

T-Slot Router Bit

Flush Cut Router Bit

Saw Blade for Non-Ferrous Metals

©2011 Newcastle Woodworking



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